What is 7/12 extract?

The 7/12 extract is an extract from the land register maintained by the revenue department. The extract gives information of the survey number of the land, the name of the owner of the land and its cultivator, the area of the land, the type of cultivation – whether irrigated or rain-fed, the crops planted in the last cultivating season. It is one of the documents that provide evidence of the ownership of the land it represents. In rural areas, the ownership of a particular plot of land can be established on the basis of the 7/12 extract.

Does it give the information of dues on that land?
Ans. It records loans extended to the landowner, including the purpose – such as loans or subsidies for buying seeds, pesticides or fertilizers, for which the loan was given, the loans could be given to the owner or the cultivator and also records other entries such as Mortgages, etc.

What is the difference between a property card and a 7/12 extract?
Ans. Normally when your land property is located in a municipal area and has got City Survey number the details of transfers of ownership/ transactions of such property are recorded in the property card and the owner can get it from the city survey office on submitting the application and required fee for the same.
And when the land property is located outside municipal council jurisdiction, the owner of such land property can get 7/12 extract of his respected Survey number or Gat number from the Talathi or Revenue office.

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