Land Feasibility Report System (L.F.R.S. v1.0) by Trikaya Estates

Investing in the land is as tricky as investing in the share market. Before investing in a particular share, one has to study the basics and fundamentals of that company. In the same way, we should also study a few parameters before investing in the land. Trikaya estates have identified the need and standardized a few parameters for the study of land.  

L.F.R.S. v1.0 is the first Land Feasibility Report System introduced by Trikaya Estates in the year 2019. This system includes measurable and unmeasurable parameters. Geographical, Economical, Architectural, and Scientific characteristics are evaluated while creating a land feasibility report. This report gives significant information about the land, which is very useful to the investor.

Set of LFRS v1.0 parameters are as follow:

1) Name of the village, taluka, district, state.

2) Distance and approx traveling time from the main road, highway road, local market, nearby settlement (village), and other nearby places.

3) Information about approaching road and internal road.

4) Information about electricity which should describe voltage and availability.

5) Information about water which should describe the source, quality, and availability.

6) The state or quality of being in conformity with the law, which must include 7/12 status, area and the type of area.

7) Description of the scope of tourism and nearby tourist places.

8) Agricultural opportunity report and soil testing report.

9) Contour survey

10) Flora and Fauna

11) Safety and security