The Best Investment I had never imagined the true potential value of my investment in Trikaya till I started reaping it. A chance decision to buy a piece of land to retire to years later, converted to a beautiful holiday home in a couple of years. Today, its not only an ideal getaway for our family and friends, but also a sought after destination for other travelers. And for us its not just our second home. Its also our own small business-generating a consistent and healthy revenue stream for us at very costs and efforts. All thanks to the vision and team at Trikaya. And trust me, buying land was never as easy. It’s a 100% transparent and honest transaction. To this day. Right from the first day of construction the Trikaya Team took ownership of our investment. To be honest, they have taken more pain and efforts in our project than us- Supervising our construction, designing and executing the landscaping and beautification of the interiors and exteriors, regular maintenance and upkeep. I don’t remember changing a bulb or even fixing a tiny screw myself. Nor, have I felt the need to inspect the place often as I know that Trikaya takes 100% care of it. Their expertise in hospitality marketing and management has ensured a ready stream of visitors translating into a steady revenue for us. Even in the most unfavorable seasons we have generated good revenues. Its 100% peace of mind. Thanks & Regards,
Amar Patel
Work at NMIMS
DREAM HOME COME TRUE... The feeling of any of our Dream Come True is Fantastic.. Same is our experience @ "YAHVI",our Weekend Home with TRIKAYA.. We were in lookout for a Serene,Calm n Quiet Place Amidst Nature Within Reach @ Less than 100 kms to reach.. Thankfully,TRIKAYA Has fulfilled all our Wishes Come True in Reality.. Being A Satisfied Owner,the Investment made has paid off. Efforts by TRIKAYA Team in this Hospitality Industry confirms to a good monthly revenue on our investments.. Influenced by the Trikaya culture,Latest I have invested in another agricultural land with Trikaya Properties.. Thanks n Regards.
Umesh P. Bora